Forrest Gump Essay

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  • Published : May 29, 2011
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Forrest Gump Essay
“Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what one you’re going to get”, this is found in the film Forrest Gump. In the film Forrest Gump, Robert Zemeckis (director) positions the audience in a number of ways using Christian/moral discourses throughout the film. The plot is essential to any film or text and has a major role in this film. One important and crucial aspect of this film is the Christian/moral themes and messages, both good and bad, such as loyalty and bulling. Other aspect of the film includes dialogue, which Forrest takes literally. Perhaps the strongest theme that impacts the viewer is the plot. Body:

The plot or also known as storyline is important in any film or text in a number of ways. There are a lot of aspects that lead us to accept and reject the characters. The plot is a plan or scheme to accomplish some purpose. The film Forrest Gump is about a slow BUT NOT STUPID man whom is involved in all the major events in America’s history. In his life Forrest as been a football star, Vietnam trooper, ping pong athlete and a scrimping boat captain. When we think of our lives are hard and we have no success, we turn and look at forests life. Forrest life is a lot harder than any of ours but still he succeeds. This is the message we get out of the plot. In order to further position the audience, the director uses Christian/moral themes and messages. In Forrest Gump there are a lot of Christian/moral themes and messages, both good and bad. These include bullying, friendship and acceptance, destiny, loyalty and determination. The term themes and messages refer to a subject of discourse. We are positioned to accept the loyalty that Forrest show but reject the bullying that forest encounters. An example of Forrest loyalty is when his platoon is attacked and he saves the life of most of his fellow soldiers. An example of bullying is when he gets s rocks thrown at him whilst running down that road. The themes and...
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