Forrest Gump English Essay

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  • Published : December 12, 2010
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Forrest Gump Film Review

Gump, gifted with a low IQ, leads a very charmed life: a mother who loves him immensely and who sleeps with the school principal in order to make sure her child has the best education, a miraculous incident that eliminates the need for him to have braces for his legs, a childhood girlfriend who remains faithful to him till the end, surviving Vietnam with a medal, and, in general, a propensity for turning everything that happens to him into good. Forrest meets several presidents for different achievements e.g. Champion ping-pong player, becoming an all American football player and becoming a Vietnam War hero. But, his greatest achievement was finally marrying the love of his life Jenny. During the film Forrest becomes an inspiration to many through his running. The CGI used in the film is wonderful. Robert Zemeckis places Forrest into original footage of President Nixon and makes lt. Dan, played by Gary Sinse, appear to have no legs. Another one of the films indisputable points is showing that Forrest supposingly had an influence over Elvis Presley and one of his famous dance moves. Some negatives on Forrest Gump were the repetition of Forrest constantly meeting Jenny. Each time she runs away for some reason or another until finally she tells Forrest about their son. Even then she dies of an incurable disease. So Forrest never really has much of a relationship with Jenny apart from their childhood. Forrest Gump was the runaway hit movie of its time. Many people claim it got them in touch with their "inner child". Some reviewers attacked it for the view that low IQ is a necessity for maintaining the child-like attitude Gump has. Gump never grows up or matures in the movie. He never becomes a man and remains a boy throughout. It is implied, at least, that his "stupidity" is what allows him to do this. This may or may not be true, but it is just a movie in the end. Most people in his position would not be...
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