Forrest Gump

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  • Published : February 11, 2013
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Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump is a mentally disabled man who despite of his intellectual capabilities has brought inspiration, joy, and kindness to the people around him. Though these people are striving for their personal ambitions and goals, Forrest somehow stand out and made an impact to their lives which I consider a person with a “magandang loob”. When Forrest joined the army, he met his best friend Bubba. He promised to engage in a shrimp business with him, but because of the war in Vietnam, Bubba died. Nevertheless, he still made a way to fulfill his word to his friend by giving out a share in the profit of the company to Bubba's family; this made his friend's family live comfortably and in luxury. His honesty and faithfulness to his promise illustrates a person living out a life that exercises being good. Forrest lived and practiced integrity. He did what he has to do the simple way before he became successful. He remains humble to others which I think marks a good person. Often times due to power and popularity we forget to keep our feet on the ground and aggravate others. But Forrest did not; he took every opportunity he has to learn without stepping into people. The most visible characteristic in Forrest has is being compassionate. It is seen when his childhood friend Jenny, leaves her and eventually comes back after a long time; Forrest still accepts her no matter how imperfect she is. The care he showed to Jenny when she was down has become a way to lift her spirits up and never giving up in life. Not only is he concerned with Jenny but also to his friends in the army, wherein he carried them safe. One of which is Lt. Dan, who had a grudge with Forrest for having to save him in the battle instead of dying with honor. Despite this, Forrest remains compassionate with him and helps him not to feel the weariness of being handicapped as he had experienced when he was a child. Eventually the people in Forrest's life, through the man's thoughtfulness had...
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