Formula of a Hydrate Lab

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  • Published : January 13, 2013
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Formula of a Hydrate Lab

Problem: What is the chemical formula for a hydrated copper (II) sulphate compound?

Controlled Variable: The mass of hydrated copper (II) sulphate. Responding Variable: The mass of dehydrated copper (II) sulphate, mass of H2O

Materials: Ones on the handout + Hot plate.

1. Mass 3.00g of hydrated copper (II) sulphate using electronic balance 2. Measure the mass of a thin, crucible dish using electronic balance 3. Gently pour hydrated copper (II) sulphate into the crucible dish 4. Heat the hydrated copper (II) sulphate on a hot plate from medium to lower-medium heat (to around 110 degree Celsius at last) 5. Remove the crucible dish using oven mitts and tongs until the water is fully evaporated (no more water vapour and turned to light blue) 6. Mass the crucible dish + dehydrated copper (II) sulphate 7. Subtract the mass of crucible dish to get the result

Data Collection and Processing:

Recording Raw Data:
Quantities and Uncertainties of the Lab:

Substance| Instrument| Mass (g ±0.01g)|
Hydrated CuSO4| Electronic Balance| 3.00g|
Crucible Dish| Electronic Balance| 56.00g |
Dehydrated CuSO4 + The Original Crucible Dish| Electronic Balance| 58.12g |

Processing Raw Data:
Percent Uncertainty:

CuSO4(aq) : 0.01g3.00g ×100% = 0.33%
Crucible Dish: 0.01g56.00g ×100% = 0.18%
Dehydrated CuSO4 + the Original Crucible Dish: 0.01g58.12g ×100% = 0.17%

Total Uncertainty: 0.33% + 0.18% + 0.17% = ±0.68%

Mass of dehydrated copper (II) sulphate:

58.12g (Dehydrated CuSO4 + Crucible Dish) – 56.00g Crucible Dish = 2.12g ±0.68% Dehydrated CuSO4

2.12g Dehydrated CuSO4 × 0.68% = 0.014416g Dehydrated CuSO4

2.12g ±0.014416g Dehydrated CuSO4

Mass of H2O in the hydrated copper (II) sulphate:

3.00g Hydrated CuSO4 - 2.12g Dehydrated CuSO4 = 0.88g ±0.68% H2O

0.88g H2O × 0.68% = 0.005984g H2O

0.88g ±0.005984g H2O

CuSO4: 63.55 + 32.07 + 16.00(4) =...
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