Forms of Motivation

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  • Published : November 5, 2012
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Motivation is important to a business such as McDonalds because the better and harder the staff work, the more productive they are and more likely for the business to make a profit. There are different ways to motivate a workforce financially and non-financially. Financial motivation

By giving out rewards, this motivates the employee to work harder so they can achieve them. The main motivational factor for any worker is money; there are different motivation methods depending on how the employer is getting paid. Time rate pay- this pays the worker by the hour; this encourages people to work longer hours as they will be getting paid more, and the company can benefit from using less cash to train new recruits to cover more hours. Salary - people working for a monthly salary may only work the minimum numbers of hours a week, because they are not motivated to work longer hours in comparison to someone getting time rate because people are not as aware of how much money they will get if they work overtime. Piecework- this is where production workers are paid by piece rate this may motivate a worker to produce more as they get paid per finished item and this will increase the productivity of the company. However if it is being rushed, the quality may not be so great and will not benefit the business as much. Salespeople- they are usually paid commission which is a percentage of the sales they achieve; this motivates them to work harder for more sales, which in return benefits the company.

Other ways of financial motivation include rewards such as vouchers or cash being given for employees that work well. This will motivate workers to work harder in what they are doing. However, some employees may think that they may not get rewarded on their performance if they do not get on with the manager and it is easy to be biased when rewarding. Companies which have a tall building structure are more likely to use pay to motivate people as communication between tall structures may be poorer, so it is difficult for them to use methods like empowerment and consultation.

Non-financial motivation
This makes the workplace to be more satisfying to work in which satisfies the emotional needs of an employer. Job enlargement/horizontal loading- this gives the employee more work at the same level. Job enrichment/vertical loading– this is where the workers are given more challenging work and the training needed to do it. It gives the employee more responsibility for organising work and solving problems which acts as a motivation factor as the employee may enjoy the amount of responsibility given making them feel more of a part of the company. However, a problem is that they might expect a pay rise. Job rotation- jobs may be boring and repetitive; job rotation reduces this by occasionally moving workers from one job to another this is so that the workers don’t get bored and through learning more jobs, they are able to cover someone doing that job that is ill. Praise- by praising an employee that did well, this makes them feel good about themselves and their job encouraging them to keep working to a high standard. kaizen-this is a Japanese word meaning continuous improvement. Workers are organized into teams and are given the responsibility to have their say on ways to increase its productivity and quality of work. Workers are likely to be motivated as this decision making enables them to feel more of a part of the company. Empowerment- this gives people more control over their work and a greater role in decision making. Quality circles let groups of workers from various departments meet to suggest improvements to productivity and quality. Companies with flat structures tend to be better at focusing on the needs of the individual than a tall structure so they might motivate their workforce through job enlargement or enrichment. Communication is also easier so members of staff are often involved in decision making and motivational...
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