Forms of Discrimination

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  • Published : March 3, 2012
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Forms of Discrimination

I feel that almost all of the words in Part I of this assignment felt directly related to institutional discrimination. The entire glass ceiling concept focused strong emphasis on how discrimination fits into the workplace. Not limited to upper management, these glass walls can directly impact lateral moves within an organization. These walls are unspoken limitations, not to be mistaken for common job requirements. Before I can personally advance past my current position at work, I am required to finish college. Is this a glass wall separating me from my potential? No… my Associates Degree is a listed requirement.

Glass walls are found in almost every sort of business environment in one form or another. Some larger corporations may have a close social circle within upper management, keeping a certain race or gender out of the standings, thus limiting their chance of corporate growth. At the same time, a small business ran by a specific minority group may do the same thing with their employees based on nothing more than the ethnical differences. As these restrictions relate directly to group standings, they are not be mistaken for a direct attack. Individual racist behaviors, though still present in today’s society, are less and less common due to civil rights acts enforced by both federal and state laws. As institutional discrimination are focused on the entire group of people, it’s harder to claim a discrimination case, as the act was not focused on you directly. One could simply claim that the man or woman was more qualified, had more experience, or had a better resume.

Though dual labor market, informal economy, and redlining can be considered part of institutional discrimination, I would argue that they more stem from past discrimination, and would fall under total discrimination. It should not be forgotten that total discrimination is but a more focused form of institutional discrimination. Total discrimination...