Formosan Black Bear: Most Representative Wildlife of Taiwan

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  • Published : February 25, 2013
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Oral Presentation - Formosan Black Bear
The Formosan black bear is also known as the white-throated bear. They are endemic to Taiwan. In 2001, they were voted the most
representative wildlife of Taiwan. And they are also the largest land animals and the only native bears in Taiwan. Because of severe exploitation and habitat degradation in recent decades, populations of wild Formosan black bears have been declining. This species was listed as "endangered" under Taiwan's Cultural Heritage and Preservation Law in 1989. The body of the Formosan black bear is well covered with black hair, which can grow over 10 cm long around the neck. On the chest, there is a distinctive yellowish or whitish mark that is shaped like a "V" character or a crescent moon. This earns it another nickname — "moon bear".

They feed primarily on leaves, buds, fruits, roots, although they also eat insects, small animals, and carrion. They will eat fat-loaded hard mast (e.g., acorn and walnut) in fall or winter.
The Formosan bear lives in the mountainous forests in the Central Mountain Range of Taiwan at elevations of 1,000–3,500 meters (3,300–11,500 ft). In the Winter, rather than hibernating, they move to lower elevations to find food, such as acorns.

Even though they look clumsy and slow, Formosan black bears can easily outrun humans, reaching speeds of 30–40 km per hour. And they are skilled at swimming and climbing, as well. Because of their Endangered Species Status and their habit of avoiding humans, Formosan black bears are rarely seen in the wild. In most of the sightings, the bear usually retreats and runs away from the human. Even if the bears can be aggressive, they rarely attack humans without provocation.

Sometimes bears are hunting targets for many Taiwan indigenous tribes, but there are taboos in their hunting traditions.  The indigenous people all consider bears to have behaviors similar to humans.  Therefore, hunting bears is just like killing humans and will cause...
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