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  • Published : April 5, 2009
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APA Sample Paper - Title

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APA Sample Paper

Writing in the style prescribed by the American Psychological Association (2001), Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA 5th), can be a daunting experience for both graduate students and faculty members. Green and Gold (1996) suggest that an additional guide can be helpful, minimizing the need for searching through the sometimes confusing and highly detailed text of APA 5th. This paper should help you submit your assignments in the proper format. First, this paper will describe the mechanics of APA formatting. Second, this paper will describe some of the usage requirements of APA formatting. Third, this paper will describe the parameters of referencing material that comes from another person’s work. Finally, this paper will provide the grading criteria for APA formatting of your written assignments. Mechanics of APA Formatting

There are several components that are mechanical issues of APA formatting. The most common errors students make are in the margins, running head, and headers (Green & Gold, 1996). This section will help to clarify any mechanical problems you may encounter while writing your papers. Title Page

The University of Phoenix (UOP) title page is different from the suggestions in the APA 5th. The title page on papers submitted for UOP requirements must include the following information: (a) the header area information, which includes the shortened head with a page number, (b) the running head, and (c) the center section, which includes the title of the paper, author’s name, University of Phoenix, course number, group number, faculty member’s name, and date of submission. See the title page of this manuscript for examples of these elements. The running head appears only on the title page, at the left and top margins. The entire title may be used if it contains 50 or fewer characters, counting spaces between words, not including the words Running head. If the title is longer than 50 characters, an abbreviated version must be used (APA, 2001). An example of a properly placed running head is shown on the title page of this paper. Double-spacing

Everything in the paper should be double-spaced. This includes between paragraphs, between heading and text, and even the reference page. The title page’s center information is also double-spaced. Even block quotations are double-spaced in APA formatting. Font

The font style must be set to either Times New Roman or Courier. The font size that is acceptable in APA formatting is size 12. This is true for the header area as well. Boldface is never used in APA papers. Italicized words represent certain levels of headings or titles of articles of books. Margins

Margins are required to be one inch equally. That is, if the top and side margins are one inch, the bottom margin must also be one inch on each page of the text. This rule does not apply to the last page of the text, which may end at any point above the one-inch margin. The rule is broken to avoid placing a lone heading on the last line of the page or a single line of text on the top of the next page. Page Header

The page header contains the first two or three words of the running head and appears ½ inch from the top right edge of each page within the margin. Next, there will be five spaces followed by the page number. The automatic function of a word-processing program should be used to print the headers and page numbers consecutively in the paper, with 1 appearing on the title page. Justification

Justification refers to how the paragraph margins line up. Word has four types of justification, (a) left, (b) center, (c) right, and (d) justified. Always make sure the left justification is set. Always indent the beginning of a paragraph five to seven spaces. Headings

The main heading is typed in uppercase and...
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