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Formative Essay

By | November 2012
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The first article being examine are Bobby.H.P.Ng.PhD, Hector W.H.Tsang.PhD, Alice Y.M.Jones,C.T.So.MSc, and Thomas Y.W.Mok,MBBS (2001):Functional and Psychosocial Effects of Health Qigong in Patients with COPD: A Randomized Control Trial:The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine:Volume 7,pp-243-251, and the second article are David Harris,Mark Hayter and Steven Allender (2008) Improving the uptake of Pulmonary Rehabilitation in patients with COPD:qualitative study of experiences and attitudes:British Journal of General Practice;Volume 58,pp:703-710.This review will firstly summarize both of the article.Secondly,it will briefly analyse the structure and how the information is set out and whether the reader can access it effeciently. The purpose of the first research study was to tested the efficacy of health qigong (HQG), a traditional Chinese exercise as an effective home exercise program in increasing health-related quality of life in COPD patients until 6 months after discharge.On the other hand,the purpose of the second study was to identify the factors that effect the acceptance of Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program (PRP).Both articles have mention the problem and purpose of the study clearly and connected. The sampling method a researcher uses is critical because it can determine the internal and external validity of a researcher findings.The first article used random sampling by recruiting patients from Kowloon Hospital,Hong Kong.Eighty patients with COPD receiving conventional pulmonary rehabilitation were randomized to the Qigong intervention group (n=40) and control group (n=40).The resulting sample population was made up to 92.5% and 85.0% for men.The researchers mention that most of this research has been conducted on men while little in known about the effects on women.The second article used qualitative interview with COPD patients who were recruited from north-east Derbyshire,UK.From 110 patients were contacted,78 of them declined while...

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