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Topics: Ethics, Video game, Video game controversy Pages: 2 (625 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Formative Assignment: 2 page Essay Plan
* The topic to be covered
My plan is to write different aspects of social, ethical, legal and professional issues related to computer games. There are various types of computer games available. My essay will cover the issues of different types of computer games that have been popular among the kids, youngsters also among adults who are interested. * Why this topic interests you

Due to the advancing technology computer games have evolve and grown into a large empire attracting almost everyone in this realm. Many are addicted to computer games therefore it is widely played by users for entertainment, amusement and also some play as an aid in relieving stress. Thus there are positive and negative impacts of computer games. There are many incidents which are brought to our attention where people have tended to make wrong decisions and even affected personalities or professions of certain popular people due to the technological development of computer games. As a result, it interests me to investigate and recognize how new video games are ethically, socially, legally and professionally affecting people who play them and the characters who are involved in them as well as all the other people in the society. * How the topic fits in with this module

With the evolving technology computer games have been popular among everyone giving the players a reality feeling. Developers do their best to invent new computer games with the latest trends to attract the players. Therefore most of these developed computer games are at a risk of violating ethical principles. For example, there are particular games those that make popular people as the main characters of the game and it might disrupt the person. It might tend people to enjoy disrupting someone’s personality which then violates the ethical principle of respect, and reputation a person should have. Another example that is related includes games that disrupt females,...
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