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CS Thesis Format Involving Software Development

(Adapted from DRAFT PSG ON UNDERGRADUATE THESIS / CAPSTONE PROJECTS and GL-AAD-019 Guide for Thesis Writing for Undergraduate Graduate Studies revised March2006)

• Blank Sheet

• Title Page
This contains the title of the thesis, name of proponents, a statement regarding the qualification, the name of the institution to which the thesis is being submitted, month and year of submission.

• Approval Sheet
This bears the name of the proponents, title of the thesis, the signatures of the adviser, college dean and members of the oral defense Panel. This also certifies that the thesis has been approved and the date of approval its approval. This sheet is only included in the final revision of the manuscript after the oral defense.

• Acknowledgements
This section recognizes people and associations which took part in the completion of the thesis. It is expressed simply and discreetly.

▪ Abstract
This presents the thesis summary. Included here are the statement of the problem, objectives of the study, methodology, major findings, significance and conclusions. The abstract should not be less than 200 words but not to exceed 500 words, and should be typed single-spaced. It does not include any reference to the literature.

▪ Table of Contents
This is a listing of all parts of a thesis with page numbers. Included in the table of contents are the titles of chapters, sections and subsections, bibliography and appendices. Also included are the titles of the preliminary pages as well as required forms.

▪ List of Tables
A listing of titles of ALL tables found in the body of the thesis with page numbers. Tables should be numbered in sequence, using Arabic numerals. For example, the third table in Chapter 2 should be labeled Table 2.3

▪ List of Figures
This is a listing of charts, graphs, maps and other illustrations used in the thesis. List the title of each figure and its page number. Figures should be numbered in sequence using Arabic numerals. The first figure in Chapter 3 is labeled Figure 3.1

▪ List of Notations
This presents the list of phonographic writing systems which uses symbols to represent components of auditory language. This may include Mathematical and logical symbols, as well as formulas.

▪ List of Abbreviations
This is a list of ALL abbreviations used in the thesis for easy reference. This is optional.

Chapter 1
▪ Introduction
▪ Project Context
The background of the project should include the brief introduction of the company, what and how the existing system works, the current problems/situation encountered, what and how the proposed project will work. You may describe the functions/ features of the project.

▪ Purpose and Description
State your reasons for your chosen project. What, who, how and why will they benefit from it.

▪ Statement of the Problem
Your research problem should be specific and measurable. You can provide a general problem then give at least three specific problems that are associated and related to your main problem. State the specific problems that need thorough investigation.

▪ Objectives of the Study
This identifies what your study aims to answer/ solve/ do. Specific objectives may be enumerated in the form of questions or statements.

▪ Hypotheses of the Study
It presents your scientific guess or stating the possible answer to your research. You may formulate your hypothesis in your report. ...
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