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  • Published : March 14, 2011
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A formal report is a methodical presentation of a subject or an action which includes summaries of important points as well as appendices of tangential and secondary points. In simple words, a formal report is used to formally document the outcomes of an experiment, a design or an information which can provide the readers a clear understanding of why and how the experiment or action is done and what it concludes. Apart from readers understanding, a formal report is also prepared in order to record everything related to a particular experiment so that one can review and brush up his/her concepts for future use.

A formal report can be used in various domains like academics, business report writing, government or federal investigations, medical reports, etc. So if you are trying to prepare a formal report but groping the dark for the right words and format, then below given is a simple and short formal report format example that contain the basic guidelines on how to write a formal report. For more information you can also refer to business writing and business report format.

Formal Report Format Sample

Below given is a formal report outline which you can refer while preparing your formal report.

Cover Page: This is similar to the outer cover of a book which should contain the name of the experiment or subject, your name and other team members and date of report submission. The paper or material used for the cover paper is slightly thicker than the other report pages.

Letter of Transmittal: The letter of transmittal is used to provide a brief insight about the context of the report and highlight specific sections of the report which should be studied properly by the reader.

Title Page: This page mainly includes the complete report title, name of the person submitting it, names of the other team members, the organization publishing the report and date of report submission.

Table of Contents: The table of content is an outline of the content...
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