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  • Published : February 15, 2012
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Sources & Methods1


Career selection is one of many important choices students will make in determining future plans. This decision will impact them throughout their lives. The essence of who the student is will revolve around what the student wants to do with their life-long work. Every student carries the unique history of their past and this determines how they view the world. That history created, in part by the student’s environment, personality, and opportunity, will determine how students make career choices. It then follows that how the student perceives their environment, personality and opportunity also will determine the career choices students make.

Points:150ENGL227 Formal Report (Part One) Rubric
Table of Contents and Introductory Section of the Formal Report (150 pts) 030Format: The writer has formatted the Table of Contents and Introductory Section of the Formal Report using Formal Report formatting, including first- and second- level headings, like the example on pages 437-439 in Chapter 15. Those heading levels are formatted consistently in the Introductory Section. 024Introduction: The Introductory Section opens with a section titled "Introduction," which explains the situation the report addresses (the client's need for career guidance). 024Purpose: The "Purpose" section of the Introduction demonstrates that the writer is on track to fulfill the purpose of the report, which is to compare two career options and recommend one option to a client. 024Sources & Methods: In the "Sources and Methods" section, the writer explains how he/she chose and recommended the career options, provides at least six credible sources that will be used in writing the remainder of the report, and generally persuades the reader of the credibility of the report. 024Organization: The "Report Organization" section of the...
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