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  • Published : October 9, 2012
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Date: March 15, 2012
Subject: Proposal for a report on the effects of Barbie doll toys on young girls and their self-image.

For my research paper I propose to research and write a report on the negative effects that Barbie dolls have on the young girls’ self-image.

Young girls are overwhelmed by toys that affect their self-image; for example, Barbie dolls. The idea of being unrealistically thin can be detrimental to the self- image of young girls. This can lead to disordered eating and weight cycling.

The issues and questions that I feel need to be answered in the report are as follows:

1: What is the age group of young girls being affected with eating disorder?
2: Are there any other factors that come into play between young girls need to be thin? Is the Barbie doll’s body shape the only thing that can trigger girls wanting to be thin?
3: Why has the Barbie doll company not done anything to change the look of the Barbie doll into a more realistic body shape? Has anyone tried to get the company to change the image?

The Internet and scholarly articles will be the main sources of research for this report, which will fulfill the requirements. I am looking at the following resources to be my main resources for my research.

Dittmar, H., Halliwell, E., & Ive, S. (2006). Does Barbie make girls want to be thin? The effect of experimental exposure to images of dolls on the body image of 5- to 8-year-old girls. (2 ed., Vol. 42, pp. 283-292). Sussex, England: American Psychological Association. Retrieved on March 13, 2012, from

Maine, M. (2000). Body wars. (1 ed., p. 307). Gurze Books. Retrieved on March 13, 2012, from Kaye, W., & Maccurdy , D. (2011). Prevalence and correlates of eating disorders in adolescents. Archives of...
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