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  • Published : February 9, 2012
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February 4, 2009



Subject:Proposal to Recycle in Nantucket Cove Apartment Complex

Everyone is continuously coming up with ways to Go Green that help the environment. Many believe that something as simple as recycling a water bottle and a newspaper can improve our planet. This proposal provides a general idea to recycle in the Nantucket Cove Apartments.


There is a problem with the regular trash dumpster overflowing constantly. Nantucket Cove apartment complex does not recycle and thus contributes to the destruction of our planet. We need to find an effective and convenient way to recycle within the complex in order to reduce waste in our dumpster and essentially our landfills.


Recycling is the method of taking a product after it is done being used and using all or some of its parts to make another product. It is important to our planet because it reduces the waste in our landfills and the amount of energy in production. There are several benefits to recycling such as it conserves natural resources, decreases emissions of greenhouse gases, reduces the need for landfills and incineration, and helps to prolong the environment for the generations to come.


The solution to this dilemma is simple but requires everyone to take part in recycling. The first step is to collect recyclables at a drop off center within the complex. The center should be located near the trash dumpster so residents can make one trip with all their waste. The drop off center should be able to hold the most common household recyclables: plastic, cardboard, and newspaper. Second, we need to recognize the barriers to participation and how to successfully promote residents to accept recycling behaviors. We can design brochures with information about how recycling can benefit the environment. Residents should be informed of the recycling process, the cost benefits, and the reduction of waste in our environment.

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