Formal Persuasive Speech Outline

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November 1, 2009
I, (NAME), would like to present to you, the (business), the idea of a class ski trip during winter break at Mad River Mountain and lodge at the Comfort Inn. Upon embarking on this trip, those that attend will have the opportunity to get to know their classmates better and bond. The preceding contains all of the details of my proposal. The Mad River Mountain Ski Resort has been providing fun for people of all ages for many years. It is located in Zainesville, Ohio and provides everything from skiing lessons to snow tubing.

All students who sign up and meet all deadlines for the trip may attend.
Each member of the Student Council, including myself, will take on a task to implement the planning and organization of the trip. The task assignments are as follows:
President and Vice President- create and hang flyers all over campus. •Treasurer- Handle all money transactions.
Secretary (myself) - Obtain all data and submit for processing. •Reporter- Create signup sheet and place on campus’ bulletin board. The following is the task schedule:
11/3/2009 Create and hang flyers providing estimated costs. •11/3/2009 Create and post signup sheet.
11/16/2009 Remove signup sheet and submit to Brandi Wathen After the signup sheet is submitted to me the following will take place as listed: •11/16/2009 Signup sheet analyzed.
11/17/2009 Arrangements for lodging and transportation made. •11/18/2009 Actual cost reported finished and copied for all who signed up. •11/18/2009 Itinerary created and copied for each person that is attending. •11/20/2009 Meeting for all that are attending the ski trip. •11/30/2009 Deadline for all money to be turned into the Treasurer. Upon receiving the Student Council’s permission, I will provide everyone with the information needed to complete his/her assigned task. Our break is from 12/19/2009 to 01/03/2010, in order to ensure proper booking we have exactly four weeks to get this trip completely planned and...
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