Formal Letter Tips

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  • Published : February 26, 2013
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* To whom it may concern, (…)
* Formal greetings and endings;
* Formal language.-
* Complex sentences.
* Frequent use of the passive.
* Advanced vocabulary.
* No abbreviated forms.
* Paragraph 1.-
* Reason(s) for writing.
* Paragraphs 2, 3, 4.-
* Development of the subject.
* Final paragraph.-
* Conclusion.
-.Useful language for letters of request.-
To begin letters:
* I am writing to.- ask if you would be so kind/generous as to (…) Request your assistance concerning the matter of (…) * I wonder if you could possibly/if it would be possible for you to help me (…) * I would (greatly) appreciate it if you could (…)

* I am writing to ask/enquire if/whether you could possibly tell/inform me (…) * I am writing to.-ask/enquire if/whether you could possibly tell/inform me (…) Request your (kind) permission for (…)/ (for me) to (…) * I wonder if I might ask you for/request your valuable advice on/concerning (…) To end letters:

* I hope that my request will not inconvenience you too much. * I must apologise for troubling you with this matter. / I hope that you will forgive me for taking up your valuable time. * I look forward to hearing from you/receiving your reply as soon as possible. * Thank(ing) you in anticipation of your/in advance for your kind cooperation.

-.Giving information.-
To begin letters:
* I am writing to inform you that/advise you of/let you know that (…) * I regret/am delighted/would like/feel obligated to inform you (…) * I am writing: in response to/in reply to/with regard to/in connection with: your letter requesting information about (…)/ your enquiry about (…)/ our telephone conversation concerning (…) * I am writing (to you) on behalf of (…)/in my capacity as (…) To end letters:

* I hope that this information will be of some assistance (…) * I hope/trust that I have been able to answer all of your...
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