Formal Lab Report Format

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  • Published : January 23, 2012
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Formal Lab Report Format
A properly written formal lab report in CHEM 123L consists of the following sections: Cover Page  Give your experiment a good, descriptive title  Include the date, your name, ID#, TA’s name and partner’s name and section # Introduction and / or Purpose  Introduce the background material your reader will need to understand the experiment and all parts of your report.  Summarize the underlying theory of the experiment and any equations you will use.  Identify the purpose of the experiment; what you are trying to accomplish or prove? Experimental Procedure  If the procedure in the lab manual was followed exactly, it is sufficient to state the following: "The experimental procedure used for this experiment was outlined in the CHEM 123L lab manual, Experiment #1. All steps were followed without deviation.") You must include your lab manual in your reference section if you use this technique.  If the procedure in the lab manual was not followed exactly, you must explain what was done differently.  Marks are not assigned for the procedure, but will be deducted if you do not include it in your report. Experimental Observations  Present all experimental observations; what did you see / hear / feel happening as the experiment was proceeding?  Enter original observations such as weights, volumes, temperatures etc. with units.  Tabulate experimental data (ie, present your data in a table) whenever possible, this helps the reader quickly compare your data. Include appropriate table titles, labels and units.  In some lab reports the observations may be incorporated into the results section. Results & Calculations  Show one sample calculation to illustrate how each type of calculation was performed. Use appropriate units and significant figures.  Tabulate calculated results, whenever possible. Tables must have appropriate titles, labels and proper units.  Refer to Appendix B: Data Analysis, for information on plotting experimental data....
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