Formal Essay 1

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  • Published : May 8, 2013
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English 24
Formal Essay #1

Pathos, Morality and Tragedy

In our daily lives, we are introduced to violence in different aspects. Societies’ view on violence usually involves torture against a person or a group. This usually can be a result of a disagreement upon certain viewpoints or beliefs, or maybe a sense of being evil. In most cases it involves the physical harm imposed upon an individual to cause pain and suffering. This type of violence is most common, but we can be also displayed with acts of violence due to situations that are circumstantial. We could be put in a situation where it’s apart of the society we’re involved in, and due to the habitat we’re involved in. In the book Violence by James Gilligan, we are introduced to the various types of violence which are pathos, tragedy and morality. According to Gilligan these different aspects of violence, they are what form our ideas of what constitutes violent behavior. He explains Pathos for instance as being natural disasters occurred by Mother Nature, such as hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunami’s. Morality is his explanation of being violent for the greater good for all humanity. Lastly there is tragedy, which is considered humans being violent amongst on another. I believe evil is an acclimatized behavior, and can be view differently, depending on the viewpoint of an individual.

Natural disasters are events that occur beyond our control. They can become extremely violent and cause havoc across a society, making livelihood very devastating. Gilligan describes pathos as “those natural disasters or ‘acts of Nature’ sometimes called ‘acts of God’ over which we have no agency or control.”(pg 6) We’ve seen examples of pathos in our American society where our citizens have suffered due to a natural disaster. In August 2005 New Orleans experienced on of the most deadly hurricanes in its cities’ history with Hurricane Katrina. It was mounted one of the most deadly hurricanes in United...
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