Formal and Informal Essay

Topics: High school, Middle school, Elementary school Pages: 3 (677 words) Published: September 10, 2010
Robin Phillips

Assignment: The Learning Autobiography Formal and Informal Learning

Date: August 26, 2010

I started my formal education in elementary school when I traveled with my

parents. My father was in the United States Army, and I lived in Germany for

three years. Then we moved to Japan where I lived for four years. The two things
that stuck in my mind were the earthquakes we had every day and my dogs being
very scared.

I began junior high school in Colorado Springs, Colorado where I took the classes that were required. I had a hard time with math and reading. I learned that I had

dyslexia and had to be in special education classes. I had to learn by hands on and

showing me how to do things over and over. This had to be done many times

until I understood it .

While in junior high the one thing stuck out for me, I was good in my

choir class and every one liked hearing me sing. I could sing harmony while

others sang in the background for me.
High school was harder for me, as the classes became more difficult and I had to work
really hard to get good grades, in order to pass them.

There was one teacher who helped me with my speech class and she would take

time to listen to my speeches that I prepared. She always wanted to make sure I had

the speeches timed down to the minute. Her name was Ms. Muto. Ms. Muto also helped
me with my computer work, to make sure I understood how to write the programs on the

homework that was given to me back in 1983.

I went on to graduate form Apache Junction High School in 1985 and received my

diploma from there.

When high school was done...
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