Formal Analysis- the Geneva Window

Topics: Stained glass, Gothic architecture, Rose window Pages: 3 (930 words) Published: November 14, 2012
The piece that I was instantly drawn to was The Geneva Window, for the International Labor Building, League of Nations in Geneva. The window was designed by Henry Clark and was assembled by Clark Studies in Dublin, Ireland. The medium of this piece is stained glass and lead cames. It stands at seventy-one inches tall with a width of forty inches. The window was completed in 1930 however it was never installed. The stained glass window now resides at the Wolfsonian museum in the historic Art Deco sector of South Beach, Miami Beach and is partnered with Florida International University.

Located on the sixth floor, the piece is found in the collection named “Art and Design in the Modern Age: Selections from the Wolfsonian Collection.” This collection imparts an observation of American and European artifacts from the late ninetieth to mid-twentieth centuries. Topics depicted in the pieces of this collection range from design reform movements and transportation to political propaganda. The Art and Design in the Modern age displays works that corroborates the idea that social and technological changes were triggered by the Industrial Revolution. The Geneva Window is brightly colored and reminded me of the stained glass windows typically found in gothic cathedrals. The color blue that was used in the window is reminiscent of the same shade of lapis lazuli. Many works in the renaissance featured this pigment and I am always amazed by its splendor. The subject matter that is depicted are fourteen various scenes from the works of contemporary Irish writers. His choices in the scenes were controversial to political and religious leaders. A few have been banned by the Censorship Board, half of the writers were protestants and the Catholics were not considered devout enough. One of the scenes in the eight-paneled window contains elements of people drinking alcohol in excess and sexual innuendo caused the window to not be installed in the League of Nations....
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