Formal Analysis Broken City Scene 1

Topics: Constable, Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture, Crime Pages: 3 (251 words) Published: July 15, 2013
Curtis Caldwell

Broken City

Formal Analysis Scene 1

Dir Allen Hughes

Writer Brian Tucker

Editing Cindy Mollo

Dir of Photography Ben Seresin

Sound Design Keith Bilderbeck

Genre: Crime Thriller


Actor Character

Mark Wahlberg Private Eye William “Billy” Taggart

Russell Crowe Mayor Hostetler

Catherine Zeta-Jones Mayor’s Wife Cathleen Hostetler

Jeffrey Wright City Police Chief Carl Fairbanks

Setting, Obstacles, Relationships: A New York City Police Officer William Haggert is on

trial for murder. On his day in court, there are protesters outside the courthouse are

calling for him to be convicted of wrongful death. Because of a witness, he beats the

case, but is forced to resign from his job. His girlfriend was eyeing him sadly the whole

trial, but her face lit up when the non guilty result was read. The Mayor and Police Chief

don’t like the bad publicity and that’s when he becomes a private eye. With the

upcoming election for mayor, William is hired to find out who the Mayor’s wife is

pg 2

having an affair with. The Mayor offers him $50,000 for this Information.

Turns out his wife was not unfaithful, but the Mayor was trying to find out who had info

on him about accepting dirty money for political favors. So what finally was Haggert’s

big payday puts him right back in the middle of a murder.


Scene 1 ends with Billy Taggart wanting revenge for being used as pawn and being

deceived but in fear of his life as well.
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