Form Muji to World

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Form MUJI to world


The MUJI’s background2

The MUJI’s concept3

The MUJI’s product6




Because of the unprecedented changes in communications, transportation, and computer technology, the pace of global integration has dramatically increased. That is called Globalization. (Globalization , 2009) Globalization has various aspects which affect the world in industrial, financial, informational, ecological, cultural, environmental and life style as well. So many of the company and different brand in the world, they are looking for the best and suitable way to let their company, brand and product internationally. But how the company and brand develop internationally. I will use one of a famous brand, MUJI to explain.

MUJI is a brand which is born in Japan 1983. Now, MUJI become a famous and international brand and have open the retail store in 15 countries all over world. MUJI is giving a big influence of life style in the world. How does MUJI from a Japanese small company to a international brand and how does MUJI giving a big influence of the world life style. I will discuss in my following paragraph.

The MUJI’s background

I want to discuss some of the background information about the MUJI first. MUJI is a successful branding. They come form Japan and they have 338 different store in Japan and 78 retail store all over the world. MUJI have got over than 7000 product items. a huge range from stationery, Audio and Music disc, clothing for men and women, digital technology product and Home Appliances, to food items and major kitchen appliances,etc. It would be anything related to our life. Their product have been got five gold product design awards 2005 from International Forum Design in Germany. One of the MUJI’s product, the wall-mounted CD player is in the permanent collection in MOMA in America. Not only the product selling, in Japan, His primary business includes Café Muji, Meal Muji, Muji Campsite, florist, home furnishing and housing construction. In the ‘World’s 100 Most Influential Brands’ (published from World Brand Lab), MUJI’s ranking is 54. It is higher than Dior, GUCCI, Levi’s and many famous branding in the world.

But how MUJI come from the world. According to Peng, Yangjun. and Chen, Jiaojia. (2008), After 1950s, the concept of the 'supermarket selling' were introduced to Japan. That is totally different from before, the retail price was been disputed between the manufacturer and supermarket. Before 1980,  the manufacturer and distributor just introduced some house brand in the various supermarket only they think the product is interest. They always ignore the feedback form consumers. So, all the people in Japan just think about the supermarket house brand commercial products were  “cheap but poor quality” and their sales dropped to rockbottom level.

Seiyu Supermarket have the same problem as well. However, because they co-operate with SEARS, a mega retailer from the US, Seiyu did a change in mindset with focus on the development of the product. In other word, for the secure consumer support, mere affordability would not do. Only the pursuit of quality, i.e. that is the most important and essential things is that to create value-added commercial product.

The MUJI’s concept

MUJI’s full name ‘Mujirushi Ryohin ’ is the Japanese meaning, ‘ No brand and quality goods’. According to the website ‘MUJI Global MUJI’ (2008), MUJI is not a brand to making and selling the product and...
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