Form and Purpose Essay

Topics: Meaning of life, Writing, Linguistics Pages: 2 (610 words) Published: July 11, 2012
Persuasive Essay- ENG 4UZ
A piece of text is put together to generate a certain meaning to a particular piece of work. “The purpose of text and the form it takes generate meaning” is an accurate phrase which explains the strict purpose of text and form in today’s society. There is a strong relationship between the form and meaning of a piece of work since they both assist to enhance as well as create the meaning. The meaning of text and the forms is key in helping the reader determine the meaning/point therefore generating meaning. The purpose of this essay is to persuade the reader that this phrase is correct because a piece of work always has a meaning since it is always an important aspect of the authors work; a piece of text come with certain form to generate meaning; and various literary concepts are used by authors to enhance meaning. Firstly, there is always a meaning to a piece of work because it is always an important aspect of the author’s work. For a reader to know the meaning of a text one must also need to know the purpose in which the author is trying to convey. This means that text and the form both help to define the purpose and give a clear explanation of what the meaning of the text is. All in all a writer will not write text without reason there is always a meaning to go along for different purposes the meaning can range from almost anything. An author may write text to express a certain feeling, to get a point across to the reader etc. Therefore if no meaning is generated the text is invalid. Secondly, a piece of text comes with certain form, different aspects such as the setting, perspective etc. all in order to generate meaning. Without elements as such it is hard to for the reader to get an understanding of the meaning of a text. If these different aspects/forms were not used it’s like missing an important ingredient to a recipe. The purpose of the text will be unsuccessful without it being able to generate a meaning. If purpose and form...
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