Form 3cd

Topics: Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, Tax, Value added tax Pages: 44 (16131 words) Published: January 4, 2013
P A R T – A
1|  | Name of the Assessee| :|  |
 |  |  |  |  |
2|  | Address| :| ·         Check the address as per IncomeTax record and obtain any evidence available in this regard.·         If there is any change in the address till the date of signing of the report, check that new address is mentioned in Form 3CD.| 3|  | Permanent Account Number| :| Verify from the PA Card or any other document.| 4|  | Status| :| Company/Firm/AOP etc.|

5|  | Previous Year Ended| :| 31st March|
6|  | Assessment Year| :|  |
P A R T – B
7| (a)| If firm or Association of Persons, indicate names of partners/ members and their profit sharing ratios.| :| Verify from thePartnershipDeed/AOP agreement.|  | (b)| If there is any change in the partners or members or in their profit sharing ratio since the last date of the preceding year, the particulars of such change.| :| -          do –-          Note: In case of any change attach copy of partnership deed with the Income-tax return if required.| 8| (a)| Nature of business or profession (if more than one business or profession is carried on during the previous year, nature of every business of profession).| :| ·      In respect of each class of business, it is necessary to mention whether assessee is manufacturer, dealer, service provider, etc.|  | (b)| If there is any change in the nature of business or profession, the particulars of such change.| :| ·      Review audited Balance Sheet and other relevant records to ascertain whether there is any apparent change in the business carried out by the assessee, which may need to be highlighted under this clause.  In particular, examine whether any business or activity has been discontinued, any new activity has been commenced or whether there has been any expansion of the existing business.·      Additional activity started with in the same business carried on by the assessee does not mean change in nature of business or profession e.g. if the assessee is in the business of manufacturing shirts also starts manufacture of trousers.·      Obtain management representation.·      For change in business besides LOR go through the following :·      Any notes given in Notes to Accounts.·      Any notes given by Board of Directors in their report.·      Compare the Segment Reporting of this year with last year.·      Compare quantitative details of this year with last year.| 9| (a)| Whether books of account are prescribed under section 44AA, if yes, list of books so prescribed.| :| Applicable for assessee carrying profession for the time being.|  | (b)| Books of account maintained.(In case books of account are maintained in a computer system, mention the books of account generated by such computer system)| :| ·      Check complete list of all primary books of accounts maintained by the assessee.·      Check whether books of accounts have been generated from computer system or not.·      Obtain management representation.|  | (c)| List of books of account examined.| :| Disclose the list of books of account examined.| 10|  | Whether the profit and loss account includes any profits and gains assessable on presumptive basis, if yes, indicate the amount and the relevant section (44AD, 44AE, 44AF, 44B, 44BB, 44BBA, 44BBB or any other relevant section).| :| Generally Not applicable.However go through the consolidated Profit & Loss account to see whether it includes any such profit.| 11| (a)| Method of accounting employed in the previous year.| :| ·         Review Accounting policies from audited accounts. Check whether assessee is following Mercantile or Cash method of accounting.·         While following Mercantile basis of accounting, check whether any item of income or expense is accounted for on cash basis. Since Hybrid method of accounting is not allowed, state the nature and amounts of such items.|  | (b)| Whether there has been any change in the...
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