Forklift Accident

Topics: Forklift truck, Employment, Improper Pages: 2 (629 words) Published: November 13, 2011
There is a frequently several listed issue that can be considers as a factors why a forklift accident can be happen.
The first factors are workers. The issue is whether the workers feasible to conduct the forklift vehicle or not. The employers should state who supposedly worthy to operate that vehicles based on what requirement they should have. This was become as an issue because the worker is the important people who will operate the forklift. Handling a forklift need a lot of knowledge and expert, it is because once a small mistake occurs it will impact a lot of losses. Forklifts are usually used to lift a load about 2.0 or more ton to move with a value about a value of thousand. Lack or improper training of forklift drivers also the factors that affect the accident. Improperly backing up, turning, or parking the forklift can contribute to a forklift accident. Poor communication to those around the forklift, giving rides on the forklift, or horseplay on the forklift can contribute to a forklift accident. The second factors are the capacity of the forklift. The issue is can it handle the size and weight of the load. For example, heavy loads. Loading of lifts beyond stated limits can cause a forklift accident. Each type of forklift has their own criteria, it must be use based on what it supposedly to used. Each of the forklifts also has been build with different size and weight depends on what type of industry want to use. This is important issues because when the operators did not know about the vehicles that he wants to operate, it will cause a mistake or misunderstanding which is will result on the accidents.

The third factors are any odd characteristics of the load. The issue whether the odd characteristic fitting the load or not. For example, characteristics of the forklift in top-heavy, cylindrical or awkward. The employers need to make certain because each type of forklift has their own function. Absolutely the forklift purposed is to lift the load...
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