Forgotten Hero

Topics: Bulacan, Philippines, Philippine Revolution Pages: 18 (6645 words) Published: September 5, 2012
The Forgotten Hero
By: Luis Zamora Tecson

A century and a half decade later, the accomplishments of our great great grandfather – Simon Ocampo Tecson, the forgotten hero, will finally come to light and revealed for everybody to know. In various published books, articles and writing of the prolific history author and historian – Prof. Dr. Jaime B. Veneracion of the University of the Philippines, particularly in his essay on the siege of Baler where Simon Tecson played a significant part. Dr. Jaime Veneracion has inspired grandson of Simon Tecson to research and find out who really was their grandfather and answers to many questions, such as, why he was deported to Guam and what really his contributions to history? In the quest to find answers to these questions, more controversial issues and misinterpretation of history were discovered, which has to be corrected. The grandson was able to discover documents that will clearly show Simon Ocampo Tecson has participated in five historical battles, witness and signatory to two constitutions, designated Brig. General in the Departmental Government of Central Luzon military organization, was elected at signatory to the second proclamation for independence of August 1, 1898, negotiated and accepted the surrender of Baler. He has participated in numerous encounters with the Americans, was forced to surrender, imprisoned and refused to swear allegiance and was deported to Guam. This documented heroic events and activities participated in by Simon Tecson will clearly show that he has contributed much to the struggle for our country’s independence, for these many and other personal sacrifices; he should and must finally be declared as a NATIONAL HERO. He deserves to be recognized as a National Hero, not only for his many sacrifices, but for his service to the people of San Miguel, the province of Bulacan and motivated by his single minded desire for the independence of the entire Filipino nation. Simon Ocampo Tecson has accomplished more than many of the presently recognized heroes, his accomplishments and contributions are secondly only to the Del Pilar brothers, if not more than their contributions. Simon Tecson has accomplished this heroic and nationalistic endeavour consistently moral integrity, disregarding his personal comfort and has sacrificed his health, but still was neglected and ignored by history; this must be rectified and corrected in ht name of justice.


The parents of Simon Tecson were TIBURCIO TECSON and PAULA OCAMPO of Candaba, Pampanga, the third generation Tecson from the original Chinese Sun Tek from Amoy, China who immigrated to our country. SIMON OCAMPO TECSON was coincidentally born on the same birth year of Dr. Jose Rizal in 1861, all his brothers just like him served in the revolutionary army of GEN. EMILIO AGUINALDO in 1896, namely, COL. PABLO TECSON, born in 1859, CAPTAIN MARIANO TECSON, born in 1862 and their only sister JULIA TECSON. Simon Tecson as married to TOMASA MOSSESGELD SANTIAGO, the only daughter of the wealthy landlord SIMON BAUTISTA SANTIAGO of San Miguel de Mayumo, married to a relative of a Belgian friar assigned in Bigaa, Bulacan – a MOSSESGELD (gold of Mosses). The Belgian friar utilizing his influence and authority was able to grant vast lands in San Miguel de Mayumo, married to a relative of a Belgian friar assigned in Bigaa, Bulacan – a MOSSESGELD (gold of Mosses).The Belgian friar utilizing his influence and authority was able to grant vast lands in San Miguel de Mayumo for the family of Simon Bautista Santiago. Simon Ocampo has five children, SERAFIN, FRANCISCO, NICODEMUS, CONCHITA and PEDRO TECSON. There were no written accounts of Simon Tecson’s youth; this is where an intensive research has to be done and these situations were the result of the efforts by the American colonizer to minimizing if not forget his accomplishments as they did to others who just like Simon Tecson...
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