Forgiveness (Personal Essay)

Topics: Human, Forgiveness, Thought Pages: 2 (793 words) Published: April 9, 2012
Set Yourself Free

Forgiveness is a hard thing to give because forgiveness of another human being involves having you to forgive yourself. It seems a lot easier to withhold forgiveness and remain a victim. The forgiveness that I have given away or I have received has shaped who I am today, therefore becoming a part of me. We live in a world that has now lost some of the connections that we did have in our relationships with other human beings. There is not on factor that lead to this but several. These factors have made it more difficult to respond and find a right way to handle certain situations. We feel betrayed by a friend who may not have known that they hurt you because you just end the relationship and stop talking to them without discussing what happened or giving them a chance to be forgiven. I know that I am not the only one that has at one point in my life spent time engaging in resentful feelings instead out just moving on with our lives. For the first few years of middle school, I would be concerned if someone was mad at me or if I felt tension in the room. I remember running off the bus and getting through the door as quickly as I could so I could call a friend who was mad at me and didn’t speak to me so I could be forgiven. As moral human beings, we all feel guilt. We ask ourselves, “Did I offend them? And “Why would I do that?” I have wanted to take back some of the actions that I have demonstrated but I know that it can’t be done. All I can do is show that I feel terrible for my actions. During my life I have had many setbacks with the world “forgiveness”. Those who know me know that I forgive very easily. They think that forgiving is a sign of weakness hence they see me as weak. I am still viewed this way today. Forgiving doesn’t have the word condoning in its definition. To forgive we have to know that the other person has done something wrong or it’s not forgiveness. Forgiving means that you have to reconcile with...
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