Forgiveness and United States

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  • Published : February 20, 2014
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“An eye for an eye makes the whole world go blind” said Gandhi, and he was right. On the list of reasons for lack of scientific or societal advancement is lack of forgiveness. What Gandhi meant when he said this is that if you keep on taking an eye for each eye that has been taken, sooner or later you will stop seeing what the original cause of taking eyes actually was. Instead of fighting and bickering over a petty dispute or even a legitimate dispute, forgiveness is the best option to settle most situations. For those who believe it is better to win a fight instead of forgiving and forgetting, what is truly gained from “winning” a fight? Personal satisfaction. What is lost in the process? Time, effort, possibly money, in large cases societal or scientific advancement. Forgiving is important, because under every circumstance it is the most efficient outcome.

Post WWII, the United States and Japan decided to forgive each other to a degree. The United States helped out Japan because after dropping two atomic bombs in populated cities, that was the moral thing to do. If the U.S had not forgiven Japan and vise versa, many more civilian lives would have been lost to atomic bombs. and Japan would not have made the progress that it has today in technology. Some believe that would have no effect on us. Those same people own quite a large number of Japanese goods, such as a car, television, phone, clothing, possibly even refrigerators and washing machines. A company that could have only began and thrived due to the forgiveness of the United States is Sony. Producing a large amount of goods owned by many americans, including myself, Sony dominated the technology industry until post walkman era in which ipods were introduced. However, even after the time period in which Sony dominated, they still played a huge role in development of goods that are now common in todays day and age, such as an Iphone/Ipod. The walkman was first introduced in earlier...