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  • Published : January 31, 2013
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Forgiveness is defined as a decision to let go of resentment and thoughts of revenge. In life it is important to forgive people no matter how hard the decision may be. A person will always be affected by an event that has hurt them, but if they can learn to accept forgiveness they can focus on other parts of their life. By focusing on other parts of their life they can improve their happiness and create more positive events in their life. One reason that it is important to forgive is that a person’s health can be positively affected by making this choice. For example, forgiveness can allow a person to have less stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure, and fewer symptoms of depression. People who forgive are even less likely to have symptoms of alcohol and/or substance abuse. All a person has to do is simply forgive. Holding grudges can affect the mental and social life of people in negative ways. However, people who forgive are more likely to have healthier relationships and greater spiritual and psychological well-being. An additional reason that it is important to forgive is that life is short and there is no way to know what is going to happen the next day. Meaningful events in life cannot be duplicated, or replicated. Even if this could happen, the importance of the event cannot be recreated. If a person is hurt, and they go their whole life without forgiving, the person that hurt them could be gone one day and they would never be able to say they were sorry. Having this happen would almost be worse than making the decision to forgive the person that hurt them in the first place. A final reason that it is important to forgive is that if a person continues to hold a grudge they will ultimately pay the price. By being unforgiving a person will bring a constant presence of anger and bitterness into every scenario they are put in. They could become so wrapped in this anger that they feel from holding this grudge that they will only be able to focus on the...
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