Forever Diamond

Topics: Love, De Beers, Glenn Stetson Pages: 5 (1709 words) Published: February 22, 2013
Forever Diamond

---Analyze the true meaning beyond the advertisement

Perhaps the growing impact of publicity about which people are concerned these days is fully reflected in the luxury industry. Even someone argues that our real world has been “occupied” by the concentrated public images when more and more people have been attracted by those sparkling gewgaws, and people start losing control since they devote too much expectation in the exaggerated ideal world promoted by luxury. The advertisement I choose about the diamonds, displays the myth of the marriage. As it presented in this advertisement ,this myth gives us an ideal of femininity, and represents romantic heterosexuality. For the rest of the essay, I would like to pick up the diamonds in the luxury industry and analyze the “true meaning” beyond those pretty jewelry images which are provided to the public, create ideas as to what advertising’s goal is ,and how the advertisement shows the femininity and romantic heterosexuality .

“A diamond is forever.” An Extraordinary slogan ,a vivid metaphor ,a touching oath is attracting somebody is eager to become extraordinary or somebody want to reveal their extraordinary. That is one of the main reasons that the advertisement is so popular and successful. Undoubtedly many people are pretty familiar with this famous slogan of De Beers which has lasted for more than fifty years since 1953. This slogan is so well- known and successful that it eventually makes up the spirit of the brand De Beers. However this slogan has become so naturalized for us that we do not stop to consider its actual meaning. The slogan here implies a little trick or in some ways, which is misleading. The metaphor being used here is the concept of love. Although the advertisements never mentioned the equation between love and diamonds, they are actually taking the advantage of people’s admiration of durable love and faithful matrimony. Moreover, people’s wishes of keeping their love and marriage alive also reflect “forever” in an ideal status. Just like their newest commercial suggests, “Elegant in design and alluring in form, each diamond is a gift to be treasured forever.” The characteristic of the diamond is a perfect example to represent the ideal marriage. Diamond is hard, shining, long- lasting, and the admirable matrimony is faithful, graceful, and sustained. Those overlapped characteristics have helped De Beers to draw an equation of matrimony and diamonds. The myth of marriage represents romantic heterosexuality. They are intended to create a romantic connection between these two totally unconnected things, and finally they succeeded. De Beers, together with any other luxury jewelry companies, mislead the public of “selling marriage” instead of selling diamonds.

For the advertisement itself, instead of using blinking stars or glamorous shining jewelry, the background is designed as a pure black framed art work. The image of the advertisement just like the slightly yellow old photo which is treasured for a long time. In the image, the lady wearing formal attire with her head down slightly, her elegant and attractive neck shows through, looks half-shy and half-sweet. It’s unclear that if she is opening her eyes or not; it looks as if there are some tears of joy in her eyes. She seems to looked up the ring in her finger and shows a faint smile. That is the most moving and most heart-warming which is tears and smiles expresses as a symbol of sweet and joy. The lady is so feminine that it has been determined based upon the woman’s body language as well as appearance, and other important deciding factors.“ Femininity must be expressed through mode of dress ,movement, speech, and action which communicate weakness and dependency, ineffectualness, availability for sexual or emotional service, and sensitivity to the needs of others.”...
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