Forest and Wildlife Resources

Topics: Deforestation, Wood, Agriculture Pages: 1 (315 words) Published: July 24, 2012

•A plant community predominantly of trees and other vegetation usually with a closed canopy is called forest. Today forest may be regarded as any land managed for the diverse purpose of forestry, whether covered with trees shrubs, climbers, lions etc or not the word jungle is used to describe a collection of trees, shrubs etc that are not grown in a regular manner. IMPORTANCE OF FOREST

•Forest are the only source of timbers, wood fuel, bamboos and a rich source of a variety of valuable products. •They guard against erosion of land, damage of water sheds, floods and segmentation. The provide shelter to the wildlife. •Above all, forest also provide facility of the grazing of live stocks and produce a large number of products of commercial as well as industrial importance. DEFORESTATION-Forest in developing countries are going to be reduced at an alarming rate. This process of deforestation is a serious threat to economy, quality of life and future of the environment in our country. The important causes of deforestation in India are, •Rapid explosion of human and livestock population

•Expansion of agricultural croplands for farming and enhanced grazing by cattle. •Increased demand for fuel wood, timber, wooden crates, paper, newsprint’s, patter boards, medicines etc. AFFORESTATION-The development of forests on wastelands is usually known as afforestation. In India, Wasteland Development Programmeis being and overseen by National Wastelands development Board (NWDB) which has adopted a mission approach for enlisting people’s participation, harnessing inputs of science and technology and achieving inter disciplinary co-ordination in the programme, planning and implementation. CONSERVATION-Conservation is the most efficient and most beneficial utilization of natural resources and Is one of the most significant applications of ecology. Conservation is mainly concerned with the management of the natural resources of the earth, taking into...
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