Foreshadowing: Its Depiction in “the Interlopers”

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February, 28, 2011

Foreshadowing: Its depiction in “The Interlopers”

Many authors use foreshadowing throughout their stories to warn the reader about a particular event that occurs later in the story. It is a literary device defined as being the act of presenting indications beforehand. Saki, the author of the short story “The Interlopers”, is a great example in how authors use foreshadowing in presenting their work of literature to the readers. In short summary, “The Interlopers” is a short story that tells a tale about two characters who have been enemies since birth. In the beginning of the story, Ulrich von Gradwitz, the protagonist, goes out to the forest even though it is not safe. Later in the story Ulrich has second thoughts, and wants to resolve things with Georg Znaeym, the antagonist, but nobody will know about it. Into the end of the story the two characters seek rescue, but from the sound of Ulrich’s laugh rescue is far away. Just by the given information, one can easily perceive how the author, Saki, uses foreshadowing to hint the readers that things aren’t always what they may seem. In the short story “The Interlopers”, the author uses foreshadowing to warn the reader that events will turn out the opposite way then they were supposed to.

Right at the beginning of Saki’s “The Interlopers”, one can become aware of the author’s observation and how he holds the true notion of foreshadowing. He uses foreshadowing many times throughout the story to warn the reader that events turn out the opposite. Saki’s concept of foreshadowing is evident in the beginning of the story when he states:

“In a forest of mixed growth somewhere on the eastern spurs of the Karpathians, a man stood one winter night watching and listening, as though he waited for some beast of the woods to come within the range of his vision, and, later, of his rifle.” (33).
Saki is hinting...
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