Forensics Is the Study of Scientific Methods Used in Crime Detection.

Topics: Roman Empire, Fingerprint, Forensic science Pages: 2 (521 words) Published: June 23, 2012
Forensics is the study of scientific methods used in crime detection. This field of study also incorporates other fields of study such as chemistry, biology, physics, geology, medicine, meteorology, and psychology (Forensic science, 2008). Forensic evidence can be used to prove a person guilty in the courts of law (Forensics). Forensics is a Latin adjective that means “of or before a forum or place of meeting.” Today, forensics is a synonym for legal or court related. Also, because the term is so closely related with forensic science most dictionaries include forensics with forensic science (Forensic science, 2008). Forensics, or forensic science is a method used in crime detection, a synonym for legal, and referred to arguing a criminal charge before the public during the time of the Roman Empire.

Forensic science is used in criminal and civil law cases. This type of work involves gather evidence by identification and interpretation (Forensic science, 2008). Common evidence that is gathered at a scene by a forensic scientist could be fingerprints, blood, hair, skin, toxins, and paint (Forensic science, 2008). Forensic science is not only involved in common small cases but as well at an international level of work. Different countries can utilize forensic science to gather information about weapons of mass destruction and determine the validity of a claim (Forensic science, 2008).

Besides being a form of legal evidence “forensic” also refers to public presentation (Forensic science, 2008). During the roman era the use of public presentation in the court systems was strongly used in determining who won or lost the trial (Forensic science, 2008). Through forensic science Romans developed an extensive knowledge regarding the production, use and symptoms of various poisons, making it possible to identify their use in previously undetected murders (Roufa). Forensic science remained fairly stagnant for the next millennium as the Roman Empire declined (Roufa)....
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