Topics: Bloodstain pattern analysis, Forensic science, Sherlock Holmes Pages: 1 (320 words) Published: February 6, 2013
1. Why was the Crippen case important?
• It was one of the first forensic cases.
2. What was Crippen accused of? Why was he accused of this crime? • Crippen was accused of killing his wife. He was accused of this crime because his wife suddenly disappeared, and his secretary moved in with him. 3. Why do you think people were so interested in Crippen's case? • I think people were so interested in the Crippen case because it was one of the first forensic cases and there was a lot of doubt. The case was reopened 100 years later to further investigate if he was actually guilty or not. 4. Why was forensic science important in Crippen's trial? How was it used in the trial? • Forensic science is important in the Crippen trial to help identify the victim and the evidence found. 5. What do modern forensic scientists find when they examine samples of the remains? • The found out that it was a male when they examined the remains. 6. What other evidence linked Crippen to the remains in the cellar? • There were bloodstains on a shirt, and they found the pair of pants in his room. 7. What other inconsistencies were found in the case when the evidence was re-examined? Why do you think these inconsistencies were ignored at the time of the Crippen trial? • An inconsistency found in this case was the fact that after the victim was poisoned why were they cut up if it was supposed to look like a natural death. I think these inconsistences were ignored at the time because they weren’t as advanced with cases like that back in the day. 8. Do you think Crippen killed his wife? Why or why not?

• No I do not think Crippen killed his wife. There are a lot of inconsistencies involved in this case and there is no proof found that he killed her.
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