Forensic Science Module 10 Text Questions

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Review Questions
1.What is a questioned document? Describe at least one example of something that might be a questioned document. A questioned document is any document with handwriting or typewriting that is in question as to its authenticity. Something that might be classified as a questioned document is passports or contracts or even wills.

2.What is an exemplar? What are the best types of exemplars? Exemplars are authentic samples that are compared with the questioned document. The best types of examplers are the ones that are as similar as possible.

3.What are natural variations? Describe how these may happen. Natural variations are the small differences that appear in any repeated samples of a person’s handwriting. Over time our signatures change because each time we write a check or something our hand will change the way we write.

4.How are stamped signatures different from written signatures? Stamped signatures are different from written signatures because stamped signatures are always the same, there is nothing different about them, but in a written signature there are a lot of little differences so therefore it cannot be the exact same every time you write something.

5.What are some of the typescript machines that document examiners may have to investigate? Choose one of these machines and describe what document examiners may look for when comparing the machine to a questioned document. The Dot Matrix Printer, and The Daisy Wheel printer

The Daisy Wheel Printer works on the same principle as a ball-head typewriter. The disc is made of plastic or metal on witch characters stand out.
Critical Thinking Questions
1.Why are questioned documents important in forensic science? What is one example of a situation where a questioned document might be an important part of a criminal case? Questioned documents are important in forensic science because then they can tell a forged signatures from a regular signature. Honestly I don't know....
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