Forensic Psychology

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Chapter 14
1)- When was the term sexual harassment first coined?
2)- Can men be recipients of sexual harassment?
3)- Describe Gruber’s typology of sexual harassment. How does it differ from Fitzgerald’s typology? -Gruber divided harassment into 3 types: verbal requests, verbal comments, and non-verbal displays. Within each type he, generated several subcategories, the subcategories ranged from more severe to less severe. -Fitzsgerald and her associates have generated a classification of types of behaviors between students and professors; these are listed from less serious to more serious. 4)- According to EEOC guidelines, there are two types of sexual harassment. Describe each. -quid pro quo is where sexual demands are made in exchange for employment benefits. -hostile work environment is ridicule, insult or intimidation are severe or pervasive enough to create an abusive atmosphere or to alter the working conditions of the employee. 5)- Two cases before the Supreme Court are important in defining the limits of sexual harassment. Describe the facts and rulings in each. The Harris v. Forklift Systems, Inc.

-Teresa Harris held a secure and well paying job as rental manager of Forklift Systems, Incorporated, in Nashville, Tennessee, but her boss who was also the owner of the company persisted in making demeaning and humiliating comments to her. At first she tried to ignore the infuriating and sexist remarks, but that didn’t work. When she confronted him about it, he promised to stop, but he didn’t. One especially personal comment was the last straw; after working there for two years, Teresa harris quit. She eventually sought compensation for her lost wages, claiming that her boss’s behavior had created a “sexually hostile” workplace environment. The EEOC passed the case to a federal magistrate judge, who ruled that the boss’s behavior was not offensive enough to qualify as sexual harassment, even though the boss was...
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