Forensic Pathology

Topics: Autopsy, Pathology, Human rights Pages: 4 (1154 words) Published: December 8, 2012
Forensic Pathology
This is the subspecialty of Pathology concerned with the identification of the cause of death and reconstruction of the circumstances by which the death took place. The investigation is normally executed in a scrupulous meticulous way (Gorea, Dogra and Aggarwal 46). The examinations are usually focused on the deceased and entail analysis of health histories, post-mortem CT scans and exterior examinations. Similarly, examination of the internal organs is sometimes done with the aim of establishing the real cause of death. Particularly, it is more important in finding the medical related causes of death or related diseases as these are relevant for the general well being of the family (Saukko and Knight 94). Forensic Pathology services are aimed at meeting the following objectives: ❖ To utilize information obtained from the investigation to attempt prevention of other injuries or deaths ❖ For the sake of the public, it ensures that specific deaths are subjected to autonomous investigation and judicial assessment in underpinning civil and criminal justice ❖ To provide support to family and friends and others who are directly impacted by such deaths ❖ Determining the deceased, why and how the deaths happened and establish what further actions to be taken regarding the death. ❖ Provide information on injury or natural diseases having the capacity to deter the death of another member of the community in similar circumstances Principles in Forensic Pathology Services

❖ Investigations must be executed in accordance to the underlying legislative, judicial models adhering to the principles of judicial independence and natural justice. This entails the operational and structural procedures for death investigations giving transparent role allotment, accountability and independence of the concerned agencies and persons (Saukko and Knight 110). ❖ Adhering to the applicable ethical and legal requirements, all investigation...
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