Forensic Nursing Tour

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Benjamin Tammed
3rd Period; Mrs. Sandstorm
Forensic Nursing Tour Reflection Paper
Today the tour to our hospital and we took a tour in the areas of forensic nursing. It was nice and fun. We were able to hear from the nurses themselves. They told us more about their job and what they do most of work days. The nurses were very kind and energetic. The environment was very welcoming too and very clean. I would want to work their someday. It seems like a great place to learn and improve medical skills at.

During our tour the nurses their told us more about their work and their background school. The thing that they told us and that really got to me is that the hospitals all over the country today are pushing for nurses to get their four year degree. They said that it is getting harder for nurses who only have a two year degree to get employed or get in with a job. The reason why I said that it got to me is because I am planning that when I get my two year degree I will start working and still go to school at the same time. It will be harder but getting the experience and going to school at the same time isn’t a bad thing; in fact, it’ll help improve your working skills.

I went home and told my aunty that we went on a tour to the hospital today to visit the forensic nurse. She asked me how it was and I told her that it was awesome and I learned new things. Now I learned that teamwork is not only in sports but it is also in working areas at the hospital. As we’ve been told today, team work is very important and you must have it as a skill in order to be fluent with your job as a nurse. We learned that communication is also a skill other than teamwork that is required for the job. One of the nurses told us that if you didn’t have those skills you could fail and if you fail; the patient could fail too, which is not good at all.

To conclude, I would like to say that the field trips that we are taking in this class is very helpful. It helps open our...
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