Forensic Nursing

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Forensic Nursing. - Would like to do in university.
It is a healthcare profession that focuses on providing emergency treatment to both victims and suspects of violent crime. Most of a the nurse’s patients are affected by crime, so these types of programs combine elements of medicine and law. The nurses cooperate with medical staff and the police to collect and preserve biological samples like blood or semen that can be used as evidence in a criminal trial. Sometimes they are asked to be expert witnesses in court, so these programs teach students about the criminal justice system and how to make ethical decisions. As a field, it has emerged only within the last 20 years, so there are only a few educational options to choose from. You can either earn a masters degree or an undergraduate degree, plus a graduate certificate. No matter what degree you earn, you will need to be licensed as a registered nurse before you can receive specialized training. What exactly is a forensic nurse?

They are registered nurses who is specially trained to treat the victims and suspects of violent crimes like domestic abuse, rape and trauma. In addition to giving emergency medical care, they help conduct criminal investigations by documenting scientific evidence of a violent crime. They typically work in hospitals under stressful emergency room conditions. Some work in nursing homes to detect and prevent abuse of the elderly, or in correctional facilities to provide medical care to inmates. How do I know if this career path would be a good fit for me? Here is a quick quiz to help you decide if you have the personality it takes to succeed. Rate, on a scale from 1 to 5, how well each of the following statements describes you. I am compassionate and caring towards others.

They frequently interact with traumatized victims of crime. It is crucial that you treat patients with sympathy in order to thrive. I do not judge others.
They are commonly responsible for providing medical treatment to inmates and suspected criminals. You must set bias aside and treat all patients as equals. I am able to stay calm in a crisis.
Victims of severe violence and trauma end up in the emergency room. You will need to control your emotions as you respond to those cases to minimize your patient’s distress.

I am emotionally stable.
They work under demanding and taxing conditions as they interact with wounded and grieving people. The ability to express your feelings in healthy ways outside of work will help you to cope with high levels of stress. I pay close attention to detail.

They are responsible for collecting biological evidence that is often used in legal cases. Evidence must be carefully preserved, so if you tend to overlook details, you will not make an accurate investigator. I take a logical and scientific approach to problems.

They analyze patients who show indications of violence to identify the cause of trauma and determine the best medical solution. If you reason well, you may enjoy forensic investigation. I communicate clearly and effectively.

Because forensic nurses are frequently called to testify in court, they need to be able to explain their expert opinions for a judge and jury. You must be comfortable with written and verbal communication to succeed in this job. I am ethical and moral.

The expert witness testimony that a these nurses offers can determine a suspect’s guilt or innocence in a criminal trial. It is crucial that you give honest and accurate testimony. I am not squeamish about bodily fluids.

They are required to preserve biological samples like saliva, blood and semen for use in police investigation. If bodily fluids make you uncomfortable, this might be a poor career choice for you. I can keep track of many things at the same time

Academic Degrees
What academic levels are available in this field?
Credentials in this field are available at the undergraduate and graduate levels. After you complete an undergraduate program at...
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