Foreign Scientists and Their Contribution in Chemistry

Topics: Electron, Atom, Quantum mechanics Pages: 2 (580 words) Published: July 15, 2013
Antoine Lavoisier was born in the year 1743 to a wealthy family and inherited a huge fortune at the age of five after the demise of his mother. A noble man by profession has contributed a lot in both chemical and biological science. Antoine Lavoisier is the first person to term Oxygen and Hydrogen and also was the first one to establish that sulphur is not a compound but an element.  He was the first person to determine that air is a mixture of nitrogen and oxygen.   His other contribution includes researches in the field of quantitative chemistry. “Amedeo Carlo Avogadro”

Amedeo Carlo Avogardro was born in Italy in 1776 and his main contribution was in the field of relative molecular mass.  He established the relationship between the masses of different gasses at the same volume and their corresponding molecular weights. His more noted contribution was the Avogadro law where he established the molar particle number to be exactly equal to 6.022 x 1023. “Niels Henrik Bohr” 

Niels Henrik Bohr was born in the year 1885 in Copenhagen to a professor of physiology Christian Bohr.  Niels Bohr grew up in an atmosphere conducive for academic brilliance.  He contributed in the understanding of the atomic structure and the quantum mechanics related to it. “Robert Millikan” 

Robert Millikan the American Physicist was born in 1868 has contributed in the field of photoelectric effect and is more famous for his work on the mass of electron and its charge by the charge oil droplet in an electric field method.  This contribution played a vital role in the foundation of chemical studies in later years. “Ernest Rutherford”

Ernest Rutherford, the New Zealand born (1871) British scientist contributed a lot in chemical studies by discovering the three radioactive particles alpha (positive), beta (negative) and gamma (neutral) rays by passing a radioactive ray through a magnetic field and then categorizing these according to the deflection by positive plate,...
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