Foreign Review of Related Literature K-12

Topics: Learning, Want, Future Pages: 2 (695 words) Published: February 20, 2013

Students who get the system of studying know that good grades lead to more freedom and responsibility in life. Some only want to have fun and focus on other things but it is said that their refusal to study did not fulfill them that is why they feel guilty and realize a need to change. This being said, all students are encouraged to take their studies seriously. Because in our generation, the youth tend to give in to the things that will give them immediate yet temporary happiness than happiness that might take long to have yet it will last longer. Students must all know that every moment of education is important because the pleasures of today have no assurance that they will still exist tomorrow. We might say that we have attained freedom through our reckless acts as a child, through our ignorance towards studies but these will all backfire on us in the future. They consequences that will be put upon us will be sevenfold. As the saying goes, “What goes around, comes around.” same with our present to future education.

A study plan has to be made. Students should use their time wisely in everything that they do. They should study in a place that will be suitable and comfortable for them. There must be enough space for the students to be able to place and move their books freely while studying. Perhaps studying a very general topic that needs a lot of references, a student needs enough space to be able to open the important pages that relates to their topic without it being a burden. At the same time, they should be comfortable enough to be able to focus on their studies properly and not have to worry about having neck/back aches, or even poor eyesight. There must be a fair lighting to prevent blurring of the eyes. Most importantly, they should establish a study plan to have an orderly routine in studying and also to have proper distribution of time with studies and resting.

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