Foreign Maids

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  • Published: February 24, 2013
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Foreign Maids

A domestic worker (maid) is a person who works within the employer's household. Domestic workers perform a variety of household services for an individual or a family, from providing care for children and elderly dependents to cleaning and household maintenance, known as housekeeping. Responsibilities may also include cooking, doing laundry and ironing, food shopping and other household errands. Some domestic workers live within the household where they work. The conditions faced by domestic workers have varied considerably throughout history and in the contemporary world. In the course of twentieth-century movements for labour rights, women's rights and immigrant rights, the conditions faced by domestic workers and the problems specific to their class of employment have come to the fore. Most foreign maids in Malaysia are female. Hire’s percentages majority is Indonesian, and other come from Cambodia , Thailand , Philippines , Pakistan , Bangladesh , and others. It is many problems caused by hiring these maids? Why? In my opinion , yes ,there are many problems caused by hiring maids . There are many issue need to face and concern by employer when hiring a foreign maid. First , employer need to make it properly when choosing maid’s agency . Now days, Some greedy agency want to earn more profit , then they used the maids without permission . There are very dangerous and no guarantee so that employer need to consider credibility of agent. With the rise of inflation, commodity prices and the cost of living keep increasing. The cost for hiring a foreign maid it also keep raising. According to the data from 2009 until 2011 show that, the first time payment for hiring maids are increasing 40 %, from RM6,000 increasing until RM 10,000. So that , for a well-off family the total monthly income just around 8 to 9 thousands Ringgits .There are no enough for assume burden to hire a foreign maids. Now days, we can always see and listen about the maids abuse the aged and children, maids stolen things, maids run away , maids collude the thief to robbed employer .There are so many negative news about maids. When hiring maids , employer also need consider the quality of maid and safety of family member. On the other hand, government also involved this hiring issue. The approval process required a very long period time, but government not actively to run the process and not easily pass the approval, so that the hiring maids will become more difficult. For example, Mr. Lim is urgently need a foreign maids to take care about his aged parent and Mr. Lim not prefer send his parents to old folk’s house. He go applied the maid, there are totally smoothly when applied but there are stuck almost 3 month when get approval from government. So that, if you want apply a maid there are no easy to make it . After you getting a foreign maid, it is have any impact to your family and society around you? “Yes, there are some positive and negative impact for family and society.” Firstly, for a big family, they need a maid to take care about the chores and take care about the aged and the baby. That can help to settle who was busy with works and no have time to take care about the home. According the survey data show that , which family hired maids , the children and family member will become lazy, they will depend maid to help them. Such as, wash the dish after eating, wash the school shoes , clean up the personal room , even need a glass water also will shout : “Kak , I want water.” . That was a bad habit and wrong purpose hiring maid. The most worse thing is they see the maid like a pet, They smile with maid when they happy , they grizzle to maid when they upset. Maid is also a human they also have emotion, also will tired , also need care by people .You cannot put a lot of load and responsibility to the maid , she also is a worker but that she cannot easily say want quit . So that, if you want the...
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