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Foreign Literature
(JAIN, 2005)
“Biometrics is used in many places and there is a bright future for them. Coca Cola has recently replaced time card system with hand scanning machines. Finger print scanners are being used in many states of the US. They have been used to trace social welfare fraud. An iris pattern identification system is being used in cook company, Illinois to ensure that right people are released from jail. ATM machines have been installed with finger scanner to prevent theft and fraud in Indiana” * Many institutions and companies are using advanced technologies for their business and reliability of data. Security and data confidentiality is also there. They are using such Biometrics to prevent errors and handling complex situations.

“Using fingerprints is by far the most popular method of biometrics authentication. The benefits of fingerprint recognition technology are numerous, it’s easy to use, the level of security increases, and passwords and PIN administration is drastically reduced”. * Fingerprint Scanning is to verify the authenticity of one person by his fingerprint. The system provides high level of security because each person has its own unique fingerprint.

Foreign Studies
Is the study of automated methods for uniquely recognizing humans based upon one or more intrinsic physical or behavioral traits. In information technology, biometrics authentication refers to the way that we measure and analyzed these characteristics include fingerprints, eye retinas, and irises, facial patterns, hand measurements, signature, gait, voice and typing patterns. Out of these biometrics methods, fingerprint authentication is the best fit for the PC world due to its relatively inexpensive cost and it’s the most readily available method to implement.
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