Foreign Language Speech

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  • Published : December 7, 2011
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Learning a foreign language carries many lifelong benefits other than just knowing the language itself, especially if learned at an early age. Learning a foreign language can be done more efficiently as a child, and can open up many opportunities for later in life while being cognitively beneficial.

When it comes to learning a foreign language, the younger you begin the more efficient you will be. Younger brains learn much easier than adult brains because the brain is designed for language acquisition to take place between birth and adolescence. The brain is much more flexible during this time and contains a wider window of opportunity for learning new things. Unlike adults, children do not have to work past the barriers set by their first language. Adults learning a foreign language have to get used to grammatical strategies, letters and characters, and conjugations that are different from their original language. On the other hand, children can learn both languages side by side so that they can take elements from both to help in learning the other. Both languages will register with a kid more clearly this way and they will not have to deal with the confusion that they would if they had learned only one language primarily. Children are also better at learning foreign languages because they are able to mimic the sounds and accents that are crucial to speaking the language better than adults can. Studies have shown that people begin to lose the ability to reproduce new sounds by the ages of 8 to 12 so that they would never be able to mimic exactly some of the sounds and accents of other languages. Learning the language younger can avoid this issue and allow children to sound just as good as native speakers when speaking a language.

Learning a second language can open many doors to children and give them advantages throughout the rest of their life. Learning a foreign language also requires children to immerse themselves in another culture which will...
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