Foreign Investors in the Philippines

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About Philippine Business Investing

Investing in the Philippines gives an opportunity for foreign investors to work closely in partnership with the Philippine government. This win-win situation enhances trade relations as well as fosters foreign relations. It also helps improve the Philippines' economic condition by providing additional employment, promoting exports of local products and increasing earnings from taxes and fees. Other People Are Reading

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oA foreign investor can start or invest in a business in the Philippines by registering first with the Securities and Exchange Commissions (SEC). There are licenses and registrations required prior to doing business in the Philippines. If a foreign corporation or an individual investor has a project, they are required to file an application for registration under Book 1 of the Omnibus Investments Code of 1987 Executive Order No. 226 through the Board of Investments (BOI). The official filing includes the application form, projects reports and other such other documents required by the board. There are fees assessed for each filing. Types

oThe types of businesses available to foreign investors are as follows: 100% ownership and partial ownership (joint venture) with certain percentages of ownership. Full or 100% ownership or equity by foreign investors doing business in the Philippines may be allowed in all areas with the exception of financial institutions and those investments included in the FINL (Foreign Investment Negative List). Joint ventures or partial ownerships are available to foreign investors where stakes in the business equals the percentage of ownership. The SEC allows ownership of over 50% provided the business does not fall under the FINL list. oSponsored Links

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