Foreign Direct Investment in Jordan

Topics: Jordan, International trade, World Trade Organization Pages: 21 (7538 words) Published: July 7, 2010
1. Jordan’s History
* Country
* Society
2. Economy
* Budget
* Development Planning
3. Government and Politics
* The Constitution
* The King
* The Government
5. Foreign Trade Policy
* Relations with major Countries.
* Jordan and Arab Countries.
* Jordan and its relations with WTO.
* Jordan partnering with OIC ( Organization Of Islamic Conference). * Jordan’s Free Trade Agreements with various associations and countries. 7. Current Status and Future Plans
8. Conclusion
Jordan is a small Arabic country located in the southwest Asia and has common borders with Syria from the north, the West Bank (Palestine) and Israel from the West, Iraq to the east and Saudi Arabia from the south and south-east. It also overlooks the Gulf of Aqaba in the south-west. The capital of Jordan called Amman and the major cities are Irbid, Az Zarqa, Madaba, Karak, Mafrag and Aqaba. The Major language in Jordan is the Arabic language, English considered as the Second language. . The area of Jordan is almost (89.287) km 2. The estimated population of Jordan is 6,342.000. 1.8 million Of the population are from Palestine, who are immigrant. In addition half a million of the population are from Iraq. This is almost more than one third of the total population of Jordan are composed from Immigrants ,in addition, there are some other two small groups, these group are composed of Circassians and the Armenians, both groups account for less than 3 percent. This has a major influence in the social environments of Jordan. For example, the original residences of Jordan were surviving on agriculture, but the cost of living in Jordan has risen due to the huge number of the immigrants. The Jordanian citizens start to migrate to the major cities looking for a job that can cover their living expenses. Also migrate to Jordan adding the problem of Unemployment. 92% of the Jordanian population Belong to Islam while a member of the 6% remaining to Christianity, and the other remaining 2 % belong to other communities (caste Shiite and Druze). Jordan’s name refers to Jordan River that separates the west bank (Palestine and Israel) and the east bank which belonged to Syria and Saudi Arabia before Jordan was a country in 1921. The former name of Jordan was Transjordan until the King Abdullah the first officially changed the name to the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan in 1949. Jordan’s formal name is Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Following World War I and the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire, the UK received a mandate to govern much of the Middle East. Britain separated out a semi-autonomous region in the early 1920s , Jordan was under British supervision until the end of World War II. Jordan independence was in 1946 with the end of British, the country adopted its name Jordan in 1950. In 1951, Prince Talal became the king of Jordan after his father’s death in 195i, he amended the Constitution of Jordan, it was issued in 1952, which stems from the Islamic values and democratic principles that implied by the civilized nations of the world. The country long time ruler was King Hussein (1953-99). He successfully navigated competing pressures from major powers like (US, UK, USSR), various Arab States, Israel and large internal Palestinian population. Jordan lost the West Bank to Israel in 1967 war and barely managed to defeat Palestinian rebels who threatened to overthrow monarchy in 1970. In the eighties Jordan embraced the two important Arab summits in 1980, and began the joint Arab economic, which encouraged the need for reform in the economic sectors in the Arab countries. The second in 1987, and this worked to re-join Arabic forces. King Hussein in 1988 permanently relinquished Jordanian claims to the West Bank. In 1989 he reinstituted parliamentary elections and initiated gradual political liberalization Parliamentary life has not stopped ever since, successively holding the parliamentary...
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