Forecasting of Tsunamis and Volcanic Eruptions

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  • Published : November 18, 2012
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GAC013 Assessment Event2: Case Study Investigation

Compare and Contrast
Tsunamis and Volcanic Eruption Forecasting

Student’s Name:Sissy Wang
Student ID#:SHSA16374
Due Date:14th December 2011
Word Count:1,194
Table of Contents
1. Abstract
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2. Introduction
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3. Methodology
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4. Finding
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5. Discussion
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6. Conclusions and Recommendations
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7. Reference
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With the development of science, people start to decrease occurrence of death, for example, people investigated some useful therapy to treat people’s disease in pharmacology. Also, human want to figure out the natural disaster like tsunamis and volcanic eruption to let people are longevity. Although today’s technic are not enough to solve those disasters, people can use the different instrumentality to forecaster. In addition, people always prefer compare and contrast these instrumentalities to develop what they’ve already discovered. Thus, I’d love to discussed the advanced technology artifice of what I’ve just mentioned as examples— eruption of tsunamis and volcanic which reflect on millions of economic losing and death.

Here’s an adage of ancient China called Man Proposes, God disposes, which can be translated as human’s power are very chickenshit in front of nature. People cannot decide when and where the disaster happened, they even cannot stop them, but with the development of technic, people can decrease the tragedy by forecast calamities. Human can realize different identities of different natural disaster easily within today’s science and technology. People can distinguish these calamities to excogitate different methods to prevent natural disaster like tsunami and volcano eruption. By using those methods, people can keep away from disaster safely. Here are two specific scientific and technological can be forecasted achievable are going to discuss hereinafter. What I’m going to mentioned first is about is the method of forecasting tsunami. Seismologists have developed a new system that could be used to forecast impending tsunami only minutes after the initial earthquake called RTerg in Georgia Institute of Technology. This system could help reduce the death toll by giving local residents valuable time to move to safer ground. But this algorithm is not perfect enough, the team which creates this method is working for test and implements a technique for RTerg that could shave another minute or more from the warning time. In addition, they are planning to rewrite the algorithm to use at all the U.S. and international warning centers. Next is the method of forecast volcanic eruption. The geophysicists of University of British Columbia are offering a new explanation for seismic tremors accompany volcanic eruptions that could advance forecasting of explosive eruptions. All explosive volcanic eruption are preceded and accompanied by tremors that last from hours to weeks, and a remarkably consistent range of tremor frequencies has been observed by scientists before and during volcanic eruptions around the world. However, the underlying mechanism for these long-lived volcanic earthquakes has never been determined. Most proposed explanations are dependent upon the shape of the volcanic conduit through which lava passes through or the gas content of the erupting magma, characteristics are impossible to determine during or after volcanic activity because of the vary greatly from different volcano.

By using my daily experiment, I decide what kind of data can be used in this paper, here are several process will be discuss hereinafter. First, I read these two papers which teacher afforded carefully to ascertain what should be comprehended by the searching. Second, after the elementary reading, I should use data from different source to ascertain these two scientific forecasting are credible. Then, I used internet and books to...
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