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  • Published : December 1, 2012
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1.Various financial data for 1997 and 1998 follow.Calculate the total productivity measure,and the partial measures for labour,capital and raw materials for this company for both years.What do these measures tell you about this company? |Output-sales |1997 (all in USD) |1998 (All in USD) | |Inputs |200000 |220000 | |Labour |30000 |40000 | |Rawmaterials |35000 |45000 | |Energy |5000 |6000 | |Capital |50000 |50000 | |Others |2000 |3000 |

2.Assume that in past years,a firm sold an average of 1000 units of a particular product line each year.On the average,200 units were sold in the spring,350 in the summer,300 in the fall and 150 in the winter.Compute the seasonal relatives for each season.If the expected demand in the subsequent year is 1100 units,use the seasonal relatives to forecast the seasonal demand.

3.A specific forecasting model was used to forecast the demand for a product.The forecast and the corresponding demand that subsequentlyy occurred are shown below.Use the MAD and tacking signal to evaluate the accuracy of the model. |Month |Actual...
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