Ford vs Toyota

Topics: Ford Motor Company, Plug-in hybrid, World Rally Championship Pages: 3 (928 words) Published: March 17, 2008
Ford vs. Toyota

Ford Motor Company is the second-largest automobile company in the world. Ford's main focus is automobiles; however, they also operate in Ford Credit and Hertz Corporation. Ford also has controlling interest in Mazda Motor Corporation. Ford was established June, 1903; in an old wagon factory in Detroit Michigan. In 1903, Ford began production on a two-cylinder, 8 horsepower called the Model A. They produced a total of 1,708 of these cars in their first year of operation. Toyota Motor Corporation was Japan's largest car company. Toyota ranked the world's third largest by the year 2000. The company could produce near five million car units annually in the 1990s and controlled approximately 10 percent of the global market. Toyota was founded by a man named Kiichiro Toyoda in 1933. He did not produce his first car until 1935. By this time General Motors and Ford were already operating in Japan. Both companies are manufactures of cars which are sold in the United States. One is made in Japan and the other in the United States. They are both a financially well because of the popularity of their cars. The accounting criteria's that they both face are different because of the foreign rules and regulations. Both companies are faced with their own set of rules that have to be followed, but Toyota is faced with more issues since they sell their cars in the United States How does a U.S. company differ from a foreign company? What reporting regulations are different or the same? Team C decided to compare Ford Motor with Toyota Motor Company. In following pages similarities and differences within the two companies are compared. The Japanese management accounting system has much to do with its success over recent years. There have been several reported differences between the Japanese and U.S. in the accounting departments. The success of Japanese manufacturing such as Toyota over the past ten years has more than stimulated the interest of others in that...
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